Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Its Birthday Time !!!

"Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us"

- Boris Pasternak

Have you ever dreamed of something and wished if it actually came true. Well !!! That's true in the case of Lokesh who dreamt of being around a lot of furry babies ...with lots of licks, kisses and wags. He shared his dream with his wife ... and never realised that it would come true one day !!!

Surprising to Lokesh, his wife Manasa reaches out to us here at PetStepin' to make her husband's dream come true.

We along with Manasa co-ordinated and worked together in organising this birhtday party for Lokesh which he would forever cherish.

Thanks Lokesh & Manasa for coming here for celebrating your special day with all our cute, cuddly, four-legged furry kids.

Do you also have a dream like Lokesh or know someone who does, then you can always reach out to us here at PetStepin'.

You can email us at petstepin@gmail.com for further queries.

PetStepin' Team

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