Thursday, 21 December 2017

The year that went by..

As we come to final few days of 2017..we look back at all the exciting times we had..the changes we experienced..and the challenges we over came.

Welcoming new members to our team!!

We also had lots of celebrations like our Holi party..with organic dog friendly homemade colours and the splash pool, everyone had a blast!! 

We enjoyed celebrating a few birthdays as well..Toughy's birthday was incredible with the amount of effort put in by his mom to make his Hawaiian theme birthday party extra special!!

In April, PetStepin' turned 8yrs..a very proud day for all our obviously we had to celebrate with cake, yummy food and lots of masti ;)

To be continued in our next blog...

Sunday, 14 February 2016

A sweet Valentine

Love in its purest form is the one between animals and children..there is no malice or motive..neither are expecting anything back in return but for that selfless love!! ❤️ 

Today we would like to celebrate this pure love and request you all to open your hearts and homes to these darling angels. When you have a child don't abandon Ur pet, instead adopt one cause they complete your family.

It has been scientifically proven that having pets at home with children not only improves the child's immunity and builds up their resistance but it also teaches them social concepts on how to care for another, taking responsibility etc.

So this valentine's day complete your family and opt to adopt!! 

Sunday, 31 January 2016

A new beginning!! Happy New Year!!

Our year has begun with a new ideas..alot of new families and our little new addition, Chimpi the Guinea pig!! 

It's so interesting to see the new bonds of trust being formed between team members..among our furry friends..and between our team and our frisky family  members!!

Sam and Sandhya - always such a delight to see them hands on with the loving!! 

Gautam - already become the official pooch cuddler. The doggies love those trusting shoulders to lean on.

Kunal - If Ur up for some madness and games then he's Ur man!! Always ready to have some fun and yet show them who's boss!!

Dr. Champak - Our on call Vet. The slobby kisses he gets when he visits is enough to show what a great job he does!! 

Sadhan, Shubhankar and Kumar - Our Pet Assistants always on the job. Whether it's bathing the dogs, cleaning the premises, disinfecting the kennel, feeding the pets etc it's all done with a smile!! 

Sonu and Iyanah - not to forget our most precious addition to our team..our Junior pet whisperer!! Their endless love and fearless nature adds so much warmth to PetStepin'.

Meee...Dr. Nezhat - last but not least the one who started it all!! And I love all my little babies with all my heart!! PetStepin' will always be my passion and hopefully a haven for all who add to our ever growing family!

Looking forward to a whole year of exciting new ventures and lots of fun stories to share!! 

Cheers to an exciting 2016!!