Wednesday, 25 July 2018

The Toffee Stories - Introduction

We arent exacty hiring at PetStepin' but when of our favourite boarders here at PetStepin' has decided to become a part time manager here at PetStepin' , we thought why not..

She decided shes gonna make use of this chance and make the best of it and made a few changes here at PetStepin'

It all started when she decided she wont be able to work with us humans watching and decided she gets a bodyguard . 

Meet "Bella" the Bodyguard.
Now that I am safe from those disturbing humans, Lets get down to business !!!

I dont like walking around so you humans need to start carrying me, "Thats an order"

Toffee : "Smile for the camera so that they know I am not forcing you"

Now that we got my comfort sorted, lets get to work,

New Rules In PetStepin'
  • We decide where we want to sit not you humans, your chairs, on your laps, on your laptops we dont care.

Literally anywhere, you got a problem with that, guess what we dont care...

  • We get treats a lot of treats and snacks whenever we demand, 

  • Next.........wait.....whats that??

Bella :   Boss I see the humans are upto something outside...doesnt look good...

Toffee :

Toffee : Shit  !!!

What did Toffee see thats making her worried , stay tuned for the next blog to find out... :)

Saturday, 21 July 2018

The Volunteer Stories

There is a quote,

" One of the greatest gift you can give is your time "

And these kids from the "Be Me Alternate School" are doing just that.. five kids from the school are currently volunteering at PetStepin' for a month twice a week as they plan on working with animals in the future and want to choose a career relating to animal welfare and pet care. We at PetStepin' are glad to see more and more young people wanting to learn about animals and how to take care of them and wanting to learn hands on, what actually goes into taking care of animals.

We are happy that schools these days are giving importance and encouraging kids to study about animal welfare and pet care.

We personally would love to see a day where animal welfare and care is added as a subject in schools, cause we truly believe that teaching children to be kinder and understanding of animals today gives us hope for a better and kinder tomorrow.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

The PAW Memes - Edition 1

Welcome to the first edition of "The PAW Memes", usually we have happy pooches in PetStepin' but when they look very thoughtful we cannot help but ask them in this edition of "The PAW Memes" let's find out what's in their mind ....

First we have our regular boarder "Champ"

So Champ what's up with you today ?

Should we tell Champ he was the good boy all along ...??

Next we have "Spirit" one of our daycare doggies...

So Spirit why the long face ?

Aww... I am sorry Spirit we kind of have to agree with the are cute.. :)

Oh let's see what's the story here, looks like one of our caretakers Sunil is having a tough time convincing "Bugsy"...

Bugsy... we are pretty sure Sunil just wanted you to play Fetch..

Don't worry they will be back together in no time... :)

This is it for our first edition of "The PAW Memes", stay tuned for more next Wednesday..  :) :)