Monday, 28 May 2012

Donuts and Cheekus anyone?

Just when you think pugs couldn’t get any cuter, you come across Donut.


How apt is his name? Doesn’t he look exactly like a sugar glazed donut? Let’s face it, we all would like to have ourselves a bite of him!

While we’re still talking about food – say hello to Cheeku, the little puglet on the left.


Now this little fella is just vivacity personified. Who knew there could be so much energy oozing out of his tiny self? One would almost think that he runs on a sugar rush!
Cheeku took an instant liking to Donut. He’s almost always either trying to climb Donut’s back or his face. Don’t even try to make him sit still for a second coz he won’t, except when he's asleep!

All we have to say is, two doses of Cheeku and Donut recommended to everybody - morning, noon and night!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Together Forever!

Whoever said that black and white are opposites definitely have to take a look at these two pooches.
Emma, a beautiful black lab, has a gentle and extremely composed personality. She could totally pull off a T-shirt with the saying ‘Keep calm and carry on’.  No matter what you do, she won’t budge - Be it another dog barking at her or trying to nibble on her ear. Protective, peaceful and sagacious - a perfect example of an older sister.  
Sira, an exceedingly adorable little havanese is the younger sister of Emma. You might confuse her for a little white toy doll – yes, she is THAT cute. Sira is more than happy just to sit with Emma and follow her everywhere she goes. Preferring to stay away from attention and focus, she quickly hides herself between Emma’s forefeet when she predicts a lot of hullabaloo coming her way.

Now we for one, have never seen such sisterly love before.

I think Michael Jackson was absolutely right when he said “It don’t matter if you’re black or white”!