Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Love Stories...

...what you don't always see :)

Toffee & Dusty

Prince & Freya

Mia, Apple & Jazz

Cirrus & Ari

Kurt & Madhu

Obi & Coco

Dino & Toffee

And finally...
Bunty & THE Rock

Video of the week

Grooming Time

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Dawn's B'day

 Last weekend we celebrated Dawn's 1st birthday.

On the menu we had mince pie, butter and oatmeal cookies and sponge cake with chocolate icing (yum...). While Dawn was the first to lap-up her cake and pie, our other doggies had a ball over mince and cookies!! However, when cake went around, there was chaos - whining from every corner for more cake and slurps after every serving :). Fun came :P!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Packed weekend...

With over 20 dogs, we've had quite a weekend. And yet, few of our long stay guys went back home - we miss you fellas :(. 

Like Fudge - one of our sweetest boys, who's been with us for more than a month, strolled off happily on Saturday. As much as it saddens us, it's wonderful to see their enthusiasm as they toddle off with their loved ones :).

And Inji - who drove all our boys nuts and put them in their places when required! What a huge heart this babe has. Then again, off she went wagging on Saturday, leaving us behind to take care of our notorious chaps.

And ofcourse, Forrest - a chocolate lab who'd make your mouth fall! While the others we know, will surely visit us sometime soon, this hunk of a dog flew to the U. S of A on Saturday :(.
Nonetheless, tomorrow is another day. And always one to look forward to when you have a dozen odd dogs to welcome you with all their love :)! Hoping to see more of you come stay with us!