Friday, 12 December 2014

Grooming Mr. Sherlock

Such a pleasure it is to groom Sherlock. Ok, maybe I am slightly partial to Golden Retrievers. But Sherlock is not just “any golden retriever”. He enjoys his spa like no other. And I mean literally.

His first groom with Paw’lished @ Petstepin’ was when he was all of 5 months old, with his cute fuzzy ears and that awkwardly grown coat. And till date, he has been one of my most regular customers.

Here is a picture of Mr. Sherlock, who stays with us at Petstepin’, rolls in mud and gets all grubby and right after which pushes his way through into Paw’lished and jumps into the tub waiting for a nice, sweet smelling scrub. Here’s to many more grooms Mr. Sherlock!