Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Big or Small … We love 'em all!!

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words and this picture says it all ….

Meet Saasha and Oreo…… Two of a kind, but cutie patooties all the same …

Doggie Treat :
St. Bernards are famous through tales of alpine rescues, as well as for their large size but its the Shih Tzu's tale that is even more fascinating. They say that their ancestors were wolf like Tibetan hunting dogs often used to hunt lions… Now who would've thought that about little Oreo..
"Sasha you best not bully Oreo or he might just Kung fu you!"

Doggie Fact file:
The St. Bernard originates from traveler's hospice on the often treacherous St. Bernard Pass in the western Alps between Switzerland and Italy.

Its Summer time Moms N Dads!!!

Yes summer is here early, and it's a hot one. Time to break out the shorts, flip flops and succumb to the sun's lethargy rays as they melt your golas and tan you a shade warmer while you slothfully sway in the seasons hammock….

At PetStepin', its another joyous day, where an undeniable positive aura seems to breathe in new excitement as our summer visitors socialize and get a feel of all the fun they are yet to have….. ( Hint: It might just be time to break out the splash pools again)

Meet Buzoo, the 2 and a half month Lab pup currently stirring up a storm here and weighing 3 times as much with all the mud he seems to enjoy carrying around after splashing around in the water.

The world must be a fascinating place through those puppy dog eyes he so skillfully uses to gain attention."

Time this lil rascal got a bath …. "No your Puppy dog eyes wont work Buzoo !!"