Friday, 6 August 2010

Little Breeds RULE!

We started of this week quite easy. Gypsy and Brute had the place to themselves.

But as we progressed into the week, our numbers increased. And my, my, you should see the sizes coming in - from Fudge (a St. Bernard) to Toffee (a Shih Tzu) to Obi (a Dachshund)!

It's been a good week and while most are going to be here through the next, we have a predominance of the little breeds - Apsos, Shih tzus, dach and young spaniels! Fun to see these little ones throwing attitude among giant ones! Our Fudge-y is an extremely sweet fellow and doesn't trouble ANYBODY. So it's hard to get a pic of him with one of the little breeds. But we hope to find that moment soon!

Monday, 2 August 2010

We LUUURRVV our chew sticks...

It's fun to watch our doggies munching on their chew-sticks! It could get out of hand if you're not quick enough to give them their respective stick... but so far, our doggies have been well-behaved. It's a sight to see them respond to their name and take a fling at their own stick... All of a sudden we have very disciplined dogs! Each one sits, stays, heels, responds to 'NO' and every other thing you want him/her to do. Condition - 'throw me my stick!... real quick!'

"This is the way we chew our sticks... chew our sticks... chew our sticks..."