Sunday, 19 August 2018

The Toffee Stories - The Siege

In the last episode of "The Toffee Stories" we saw something caught the attention of TOFFEE which had made her worried... What is bothering her? What did she actually see?

Let's find out !!!


Toffee : Damn !!!

Toffee :  Bella .. Any word from our head of security ?

Bella : No boss, unable to contact them.

Toffee : Looks like I have to deal with this myself. Bella.. sound the alarm, I am going in.

Bella : Roger that boss!!!

Toffee goes out and looks at the strangers who are at the gates of PetStepin' and they stare back, not scared and not ready to back down...

Toffee : My God !! There are too many of them...

Now as Toffee enters to confront the strangers, she know she is at a point of no turning back...

Toffee's surrounded...

Who are these strangers ? Where did they come from?

Well Toffee won't know who they are, but we do.... They are the kids from the next door "The Green Pocket" who came to interact with the doggies, but Toffee doesn't know that... Shhh !!!

Toffee : These kids they don't look so bad. So humans what are they here for? Are they here to overthrow me ???

PetStepin Manager : NO Toffee. They are here to learn about the doggies, interact with them and when they heard you were running the place they came to meet the new boss !!!

Toffee : So they are not here to take over the place from me??

PetStepin Manager : NO Toffee.

Toffee : Good ! Well I guess I was worried for no reason.

PetStepin Manager : Exactly !

Toffee : Well in that case you can tell Bella to stop the Potty Cannon.

PetStepin Manager : Huh !!

Toffee : Just tell Bella, she will know it.

PetStepin Manager : Oh, ok.

Toffee : So what do I teach them?

PetStepin Manager : You can teach them how to be good and gentle with dogs.

Toffee : Ok, but no touching my belly it tickles.

PetStepin Manager : Got it.

Toffee : Ok, kids here is what you need to know about my kind, to put in a sentence,

Basically if you do get one of us into your home when you kids grow up, just know you no longer own the place it will be us! So yeah.. we rule over you. We will demand love, attention and more over food. What do you get in return ?? We will give you unconditional love...

Well anyway that's all the two minutes I have for you right now.. I don't do cuddles and licks.. for that we have "Champ".. you can deal with him.

Champ enters...

Champ : Kids, give me a minute let me settle down, then you can brush me.. just a side note, I like belly rubs, so yeah.. dont wait.. have at it..

Champ : Yep... Best day ever ..

So as Toffee feared there was nothing to worry about, there was no attack or siege on PetStepin', and we were not planning any coupe against her, it was just cute little kids from "The Green Pocket" who were keen to interact with the doggies. Well anyway it was a fun day as the kids got to learn new things with dogs, had fun interacting with Toffee and Champ, learnt to brush the dogs, Bathe them etc...

Do you want to know how Toffee continues to rule in PetStepin' follow our blog to stay find out :)

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