Wednesday, 18 July 2018

The PAW Memes - Edition 1

Welcome to the first edition of "The PAW Memes", usually we have happy pooches in PetStepin' but when they look very thoughtful we cannot help but ask them in this edition of "The PAW Memes" let's find out what's in their mind ....

First we have our regular boarder "Champ"

So Champ what's up with you today ?

Should we tell Champ he was the good boy all along ...??

Next we have "Spirit" one of our daycare doggies...

So Spirit why the long face ?

Aww... I am sorry Spirit we kind of have to agree with the are cute.. :)

Oh let's see what's the story here, looks like one of our caretakers Sunil is having a tough time convincing "Bugsy"...

Bugsy... we are pretty sure Sunil just wanted you to play Fetch..

Don't worry they will be back together in no time... :)

This is it for our first edition of "The PAW Memes", stay tuned for more next Wednesday..  :) :) 

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