Wednesday, 25 July 2018

The Toffee Stories - Introduction

We arent exacty hiring at PetStepin' but when of our favourite boarders here at PetStepin' has decided to become a part time manager here at PetStepin' , we thought why not..

She decided shes gonna make use of this chance and make the best of it and made a few changes here at PetStepin'

It all started when she decided she wont be able to work with us humans watching and decided she gets a bodyguard . 

Meet "Bella" the Bodyguard.
Now that I am safe from those disturbing humans, Lets get down to business !!!

I dont like walking around so you humans need to start carrying me, "Thats an order"

Toffee : "Smile for the camera so that they know I am not forcing you"

Now that we got my comfort sorted, lets get to work,

New Rules In PetStepin'
  • We decide where we want to sit not you humans, your chairs, on your laps, on your laptops we dont care.

Literally anywhere, you got a problem with that, guess what we dont care...

  • We get treats a lot of treats and snacks whenever we demand, 

  • Next.........wait.....whats that??

Bella :   Boss I see the humans are upto something outside...doesnt look good...

Toffee :

Toffee : Shit  !!!

What did Toffee see thats making her worried , stay tuned for the next blog to find out... :)

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